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irazhar asked 2 months ago

Hello. I am flying to Hanoi and want to visit Mu Cang Chai. I am solo traveller. Seems that the tour package only cater for private tours. Solo means very costly. Looks like I need to get on a bus. Could you help guide me which bus to take an where the station. I will arrive in morning and hoping to catch a bus say at mid noon 12 pm.

Hanh Staff replied 2 months ago

There is no bus called Hanoi – Mu Cang Chai but we need to take buses to Lai Chau province and theses buses will pass Mu Cang Chai before reaching Lai Chau. You can see bus schedules here: https://vexere.com/en-US/bus-ticket-booking-from-ha-noi-to-lai-chau-124t1351.html#30082017